Christian Skjødt: Sub-

In the solo exhibition Sub-, Christian Skjødt presents three new works revolving around the experiences that occur when the inaudible becomes audible. Technology – from lasers to loudspeakers – is used in all the works to define a space that points back at the body of the listener. Whereas the body can only detect a limited range of frequencies, the individual can choose or refuse to listen within that range – just as some people have the power to decide who hears what. Based on this premise, the exhibition focuses on the slippage between listening and hearing and tunes into the hidden sounds of our surroundings.

Overgaden - Institute of Contemporary Art. Copenhagen, Denmark. July 2016


Realized with support from the Danish Arts Foundation.

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list of works:





YEAR: 2016
MATERIALS: laser microphones, electronic circuitry, loudspeakers, stands, wire
MEASURES: site specific / 10 m x 8,6 m x 4 m

Refractions explore the interrelations between sound, bodies and memory. Laser beams capture vibrations from window panes. At the exact point when the laser beam is translated into sound, it is irrelevant whether the sound comes from inside or outside. Left is not a single space, but x number of spaces with the emergence of a sensitive relationship between the feedback system and the people who occupy the space. Throughout the exhibition period the installation as performative environment explores memory as a relational and situational size.

More about Refractions can be found here.






YEAR: 2016
MATERIALS: loudspeakers, ping pong balls, amplifiers, tone generator, piedestals
MEASURES: site specific / 9 m x 5,5 m x 4 m

Inclinations is a kinetic work exploring the interrelations between sound and sight. 16 loudspeaker sculptures emit sound waves that are beyond the audible frequency range of human hearing. For each loudspeaker there is a ball set in motion by the vibrations of the loudspeaker - creating a rhythmic pattern all together. The prepared loudspeakers, the visual and audible movements of the balls, make the sound present.

More about Inclinations can be found here.






YEAR: 2016
MATERIALS: loudspeakers, electronic circuitry, wire
MEASURES: site specific / 15 m x 10 m x 4 m

Vibrant Disturbance IV is a part of a series of works exploring the interrelations between light, sound, bodies and memory. 100 autonomous analogue circuitry translate the intensity of light into sound. The sum of sound changes according to the degree and intensity of the flow of light. Throughout the exhibition period this installation as a performative environment is affected by both weather conditions, seasonal changes and the presence of human bodies. The work hereby explores memory as a relational and situational size.

More about Vibrant Disturbance IV can be found here.






Link to extract of exhibition folder "The White-Walled Laboratory" (pdf)