Exhibition view, solar panels on the beaches of Furreby



Exhibition view, overview of the solar panel formation



Exhibition view, connecting the beach and the bunker



Exhibition view, box with a speaker and circuitry translating the solar energy into an audiable frequency



Exhibition view, speaker box detail



Exhibition view. Photo: Jakob Stig Nielsen
















YEAR: 2013
MATERIALS: 8 loudspeakers, 8 electronic circuits, 8 pvc boxes, 8 solar panels, 200m wire
MEASURES: site specific
EXHIBITION: Furreby Strand, Denmark, July 2013

Made specifically for a WWII bunker, Regelbau Fl277, located at Furreby beach at the Danish west coast, a translation of the external (luminous) circumstances are brought into the darkness of the bunker in the form of sound.

Consisting of eight autonomous systems this responsive environment examines the intensity of light using a formation of solar panels located outside on the beach. These are connected to boxes inside of the bunker, each equipped with analogue electronic circuitry and a loudspeaker presenting the solar energy as an audible and ever-changing frequency. During the exhibition period the installation and experience in the space will therefore be constantly changing, where the piece also, by several visits, invites to a discussion about remembrance of memories in space and time.

At Furreby Strand, the Regelbau Fl277 type bunker was originally sheltering a mobile 150cm searchlight and its operating crew.

'Inversion' was commissioned by the Bunkerlove Association.

























































Site: Furreby from above and a overview of the battery on the beach. The exhibition site is marked with a circle.



Site: View from the beach of Furreby Strand, with bunker type Regelbau Fl277 located furthest away.



Site: Bunker type Regelbau Fl277



Research: Depicted here, from a nearby WWII battery located at Kettrup Bjerge, a 150 cm seachlight of the same type as in the bunker at Furreby Strand. Courtesy of Museumscenter Hanstholm.


















Process: hand-built circuitry



Process: preparing the setup at the exhibition site













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