Omdrejninger was originally a commisioned piece by Christian Skjødt and Mark Solborg. Written and designed for the Wundergrund Festival 2014. A handpicked ensemble, of highly individual musicians, playing original music and improvisations, processed into a specially designed patch and broadcast through a 4+2-way multi-speakersystem allowing spacial displacements and sonic enlargements. Everything designed specifically for the location. The idea is to create what we call a spacial instrument constructed by ensemble and speakers. In this case we placed the band in the middle surrounded by the audience surrounded by the speakers. This way both musicians and audience share the same (intense) auditive perspective. The danish word Omdrejninger translates best into rounds (as in r.p.m.), turns or revolutions.

Axel Dörner - trumpet & electronics
Michael Rexen - voice
Jakob Kullberg - cello
Bjørn Heebøll - drums & percussion
Christian Skjødt - processing, radio, oscillator
Mark Solborg - guitar, devices and conducting

Premiere: Wundergrund Festival 2014. November 1.2014
Venue: Koncertkirken, Copenhagen, Denmark

Commissioned by SNYK with support from the Danish Arts Foundation.
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