InsideOut vol. II focuses on human data transmissions, which is understood as the activity that takes place in the body, including the heartbeat. In this way waves are created, which under normal circumstances are not to be seen – only with some electronic measurement instruments (e.g. medical equipment). These data are processed into visual and acoustic landscapes.

The jury's statement of the winner project of Platform4 Award 2011:
"Sometimes you meet a project that just has something inexplicable about it. Something that excites curiosity, and gives a desire to feel and explore. The feeling that it opens up. InsideOut Vol. II has it - that inexplicable thing. The twitch. InsideOut Vol. II possesses a good calm as well as many layers to explore, and one senses that a great effort has been put into the expression."

The project is a collaboration between Edit E. Vizer and Christian Skjødt.

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