Expressive Danish/Hungarian duo that works with energetic movements regarding the organic body and electronic sounds. An exhilarating performance that emphasizes the desire and volition to take its audience on an exciting excursion to the distant, exotic borderlands.


Excerpt from a live performance recorded at Tűzraktér in Budapest, May 2010.



Enikö Buday

Dancer/performer based in Hungary, living in Szentendre. Active in many different international art projects and collaborations around Europe. In her dance studies she has been paying more and more attention to and examining the possibilities of the forces inherent in improvisation. In this she creates space specific - situation specific - performances. The main focus is on the body. Body in as physically material as well the space.

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Christian Skjødt

Sound artist and improviser from Aalborg, Denmark. In his work a boundary pushing curiosity permeates, where improvisation often serves as the focal point. Deconstruction, contrasts, and untraditional instruments are highly present in his work, that during the last years have been awarded with several prizes. Active in many different artistic projects where electroacoustic experiments, installations and performativity collide. He is currently based in Copenhagen.

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Stills from a video shoot at the Royal Academy of Music, Aalborg, Denmark. 2010. Camera: Edit E. Vizer


Excerpt from a video shoot at the Royal Academy of Music, Aalborg, Denmark. 2010. Camera: Edit E. Vizer


From a performance at Roham, Budapest, Hungary 2011


Previous performances:

10.10.14 Attention Hely, Budapest HU

21.12.13 Müszi, Budapest HU

10.12.11 Geiger Festival #4, Cinnober Teater, Göteborg SE

13.11.11 CopenhagenImprov, Huset i Magstræde, Copenhagen DK

04.11.11 U-Teater, Odense Teater DK

03.11.11 Transformator, Aalborg Teater DK

15.07.11 Godsbanen, B-huset, Aarhus DK

20.01.11 (w. Edit Vizer & Ahad Zsolt Sőrés) Roham, Budapest HU

27.10.11 (w. SuneP) VARIA2011 - International Improvisation Festival, Atalante, Göteborg SE

04.09.10 Red Pavilion, Jomfru Ane Parken, Aalborg DK

24.07.10 (w. Ahad Zsolt Sores, Junya Ishii & SuneP) Tonometrumok R33 Klubszoba, Budapest HU

20.06.10 Sal II, The Royal Academy of Music, Aalborg DK

27.05.10 Tüzrakter, Budapest HU

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